`Bracket performs pre-commissioning &commissioning activities for mechanical, electrical & instrumentation. We has the knowledge, experience and systems to manage essential pre-commissioning and commissioning activities providing you with support to easily reach mechanical completion efficiently and cost effectively. Constitute an informed but independent perspective throughout the process, and provide a holistic and objective review of the design, documentation, and verification of the installation and performance of mechanical systems. Our services include: 

  • Preparation of procedure
  • Cleaning: Using chemical (including Pickling and Passivation)or mechanical methods
  • Air blowing, water flushing
  • Geometry inspection, Baseline survey
  • Pigging, Purging, Filling, System leak tests, Hydrostatic testing & Pressure testing
  • Dewatering & Drying:
  • Mechanical run-in of pumps, blower, fan etc
  • Punch list clearing works.
  • Guarantee test run
  • Installation, hook up & testing


Bracket Services has an unrivaled track record in the provision of a complete, integrated pre-commissioning services package that has been shown to reduce critical path schedules, improve build and assembly quality and enhance project safety performance with a wide range of our related activities. We will conduct installment inspections of all commissioned components and systems to confirm compliance with contractual requirements and manufacturer's instructions. We'll also verify their performance by testing every aspect of their operation. The goal is to identify and correct any exposures before they become problems of occupant comfort, user productivity, energy inefficiencies, or public relations