Plate Work

Bracket perform fabrication and erection of carbon and stainless steel above ground storage tanks & other plate structures, as well as the construction and modification of water based storage and treatment facilities We are qualified in fabrication of steel products under the following codes and standards, ASME Code Section VIII API Standards 620, 650 and 653, AWWA Standard.


Bracket performs tank Fabrication, construction and repair services for above ground, fire protected and underground steel tanks for the water, petroleum, chemical, and power industries. We can help you identify the most economic and technically appropriate storage tank selection that meet your requirements for all your applications such as water storage, chemical storage, oil storage, storing gasoline, diesel, heating oil, water treatment, wastewater treatment, etc.. And provide you with a custom coating, unusual metallurgy, special internals and so on. Our specialized staffs, modern and skilled field tradesmen make us qualified to fabricate, and erect welded steel tanks of almost any size or configuration including pressure vessels. . Every tank is subjected to a rigorous and continuous Quality Verification Standard throughout the fabrication process.

Silos & Hoppers 

 Bracket performs Fabrication and installation of silos, bins, and hoppers of wide range of types and sizes. Standard ranges from 3.0m diameter 15 tons storage to 12.0m diameter 1800 tons, all hoppers are designed for high cyclic loading, i.e. high usage of product in and out and at high tonnage rates. 45 and 60 degree hoppers are standard; we also have the ability to manufacture nonstandard silos and hoppers including tanks. Bracket can provide you with Silos of smooth wall, corrugated carbon or stainless steel, hopper bottoms or with skirts for the storage of dry material as our registered professional engineers are experienced in this field.

ISO Tank

We do not only manufacture new ISO tank for liquid chemicals, gas chemicals, corrosives, high temperature, cryogenics, foodstuffs, powders, but also repair units in service and adapt second hand tank containers according to the needs of our customers, getting new approvals for them Our commitment for integral service to the customer translates into offering advice, repair and maintenance, supply of second-hand units, remanufacturing and modification of tank containers