Steel Structure

Bracket expands its Steel Structure work to steel structural hangerssheeds, Pipe rack, platforms, handrail, steel ladders, steel fences, grating, hot dip galvanizing, steel tiles for all types

1.    Building frames modular system

2.    Hoppers Trusses

3.    Crushers and Heat panels.

Fabricated products are made in accordance with the internationally accepted ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), ANSI (American National Standard Institute) and API (American Petroleum Institute) standards.  These services are backed by a series of inspection works and in-house testing before delivery or installation.

Careful material segregation, well documented welding procedures, renewal of welder certifications, and calibration of equipment ensures the project quality we are proud of.

Bracket also undertakes responsibility for the steel erection and has the equipment, supervision and skilled manpower to erect any type of structure efficiently and safely.