Bracket expands its Mechanical work to equipment installation, fixation, leveling, alignment, commissioning, start-up …etc. We can install a single piece of machinery or provide turnkey services for an entire facility. We work in different types of equipments for different industrial sectors we are capable to clamp and move pieces in a wide range of models weighing from few grams to hundred of kilos through suitable procedures according to their category:

  • Fixed equipment
  • Rotating equipment

Experience in evaluation vendor proposal and vendor document review of pumps, compressors, blowers, gas and steam turbines, oil and seal systems, electric motors, centrifugal fans, chillers, cooling towers, accessories of rotating machine packages (heat-exchangers, pressure vessels, piping, filters, etc), gear units, coupling, seal and packing, vibration and rotor dynamics, over-speed, governor & control system .

Bracket use bases to support mechanical equipment, reduce vibration amplitude, provide for attachment of vibration isolators, prevent differential movement between driving and driven members, reduce rocking by lowering equipment center of gravity, reduce motion of equipment during start-up and shut-down, act to reduce reaction movement due to operating loads on equipment, and act as a partial noise barrier.

Bracket has a unique integration of technical knowledge and strategic recommendation makes a broad service parcel possible, Therefore we can always approach to new questions which defy us to bring our knowledge and talent to the highest level.